Hollywood Young Professionals of the
Greater Hollywood Area

Hollywood YP
Hollywood Young Professionals (HYP) is a networking group of dedicated, talented young professionals ranging in age from 21-40 who either live or work in the greater Hollywood area.  HYP is a program of the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and is open to Chamber and Future-Chamber members. 

Hollywood YP Goal
To enrich the Greater Hollywood community by uniting and developing young business leaders and professionals.

Hollywood YP Mission
Provide the platform for young professionals to develop relationships professionally and socially, provide volunteer awareness and create opportunities for young professionals to be engaged in the Hollywood community through business and economic development programs.

Hollywood YP Objectives

  • Create professional development opportunities

  • Collaborate with other YP groups

  • Provide platform for volunteer development and awareness

  • Educate YP on business issues and community impacts

Benefits to HYP Group

  • Built in network with like-minded young business individuals

  • Access to other YP’s and business leaders

  • Event and funding source

  • Creation of community and business relationships

  • Professional and personal development

Benefits to Chamber

  • Recruitment and retention benefit to offer Chamber members

  • Cultivation of young business leaders

  • Enhance image and visibility of Chamber.

Participation Fees

Members are asked to pay an annual individual membership fee of $35.
HYP does offer a Corporate Group Membership, which allows up to 5 participants for $325.

What are you waiting for...join HYP today, and get the foundation you need to
become tomorrow’s business leaders!

For more information, please e-mail Sue Ann Scharón at
sueann@hollywoodchamber.org or call 954.923.4000.