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Leadership Hollywood Class XXXIX Program Days

Orientation/ Retreat

  • Kick Off /Team Building: Friday, October 10, 2014– 7:30 am to 5pm 
  • SIMSOC: Thursday, October 23, 2014 – 8:00 am to 5 pm
  • Community Service Project Assigment Event–  TBA  
  • Chad Simon, Popcorn Zone, LH35 Alumni


1. Health and Human Service Day - Thursday, November 6, 2014 

Informs class participants on the impact of healthcare reforms in the delivery of healthcare services; highlights the scope of healthcare and social services the Greater Hollywood offers in the area of healthcare and social services and draw attention to the remaining needs and challenges.

Day Chairs Health Portion:

  • Jennifer Belyeu, Memorial Healthcare System, LH32 Alumni        
  • Madeline Wares, Memorial Healthcare System, LH38 Alumni
  • Mike Cassette, Memorial Healthcare System, LH38 Alumni  

Day Chairs Human Service:

  • Beth Allen, Nova Southeastern University, LH34 Alumni
  • Adrienne Barker, Barker Specialty, LH37 Alumni
  • Dinah Pickett, Home Instead Senior Care, LH38 Alumni
  • Maribel Ruiz, Beauty of Wax, LH38 Alumni
  • Luis Guevera, Hollywood Downtown Business Association, LH38 Alumni

2. Public Safety Day - Thursday, December 4,  2014

This provides a unique opportunity to not only meet and greet Hollywood fire, police and beach patrol members, but also allows the class to get an up-close look at the tools of their trade and their important roles in protecting our citizens, business owners and visitors.

Day Chairs:

  • Lisa  Blouin, Hollywood Fire Department, LH35 Alumni
  • Anthony Vera, Hollywood Fire Department, LH38 Alumni
  • Christopher Pratt, Hollywood Fire Department
  • Major Thea Basler, Hollywood Police Department, LH38 Alumni
  • Cyndi Abraham, Keller Williams Realty Professionals, LH35 Alumni
  • Brian Gaiefsky, Keller Williams Realty Professionals, LH37 Alumni


3. Media Day - Thursday, January 15, 2015 

To convey to class participants the critical need for the leaders to work effectively with the media as well as for leaders to recognize media's challenges in our diverse, fast changing market.

Day Chairs:

  • Tina Buccellato, Muzart Creative Arts Studios, LH38 Alumni
  • Lenny Ortiz, Leonardo Ortiz, P.A., LH38 Alumni


4. Environmental Day – Thursday, Febuary 12, 2015 

To brief community and business leaders on the background of our urban communities; how the natural environment shapes people and how people shape the environment. We will explore the past, present and future of our natural and cultural heritage and provide a look at the direction of our growth patterns.

Day Chairs:

  • Barry Faske, Faske Enterprises, LH35 Alumni
  • Marc Wexler, Marc Wexler, LH37 Alumni
  • Jack Bernstein, Over the Top Catering, LH37 Alumni
  • Joel Stoyner, Enchanted Isle Resort, LH38 Alumni


5.  Education/Art & Culture Day - Thursday, March 12, 2015 

To brief and educates leaders on the opportunities and challenges facing education in our community, so they may find how they may best contribute. Art & Culture Day will expose the class to a sampling of some of the distinct culture, arts and recreation available in Hollywood/Broward County and to encourage participation in all experiences by promoting creative living, appreciation of the arts, diverse ethnic pride and fun in our community.

Day Chairs Education:

  • Thomas Corell, Broward County Schools, LH37 Alumni
  • Brian Kingsley, Broward County Schools, LH38 Alumni
  • Kelly Ellis, Sheridan Technical College, LH38 Alumni

Day Chairs Art & Culture:

  • Adrienne Barker, Barker Specialty, LH37 Alumni
  • Tina Buccellato, Muzart Creative Arts Studios, LH38 Alumni
  • Joel Stoyer Enchanted Isle  Resort, LH38 Alumni
  • Zulieth Mendoza, Student, LH35 Alumni

6. Criminal Justice / County Government Day -Thursday, April 23, 2015 

This day provides insight in Broward County overall view of our legal system and introduces the participants to Broward elected officials to better understand  county issues that would affect our South Florida communities. 

Day Chairs:

  • Maura Bulman, Attorney, LH35 Alumni
  • Andrew Cove, Cove &Associates, PA, LH37 Alumni
  • Adam Geller, Attorney, LH37 Alumni 
  • Sari Gottlieb, Gottlied Attorneys at Law PA, LH35 Alumni


7.  City Government / Business Development Day – Thursday, May 14, 2015 

To provide participants a clear perspective of our local government and the challenges they are facing. To also better understand the economy from top-level business and community leaders and highlight new and emerging industries driving our local economy.

Day Chairs:

  • Jeff Sheffel, City of Hollywood, LH35 Alumni
  • Davon Barbour, City of Hollywood, LH37 Alumni
  • Allan Libero, Libero Consulting Group, Inc. LH34 Alumni
  • Marty Shuham, Shuham and Shuham, P.A., LH37 Alumni
  • Jason Tobin, Tobin Properties, LH36 Alumni


8. Tourism Day -Thursday, June 4, 2015 

This day will give the participant an overall view of what Hollywood has to offer, a chance get a behind-the-scene tour of the airport and the seaport to better understand the importance of the industry in our region. This program day will better provide participants with insight into the commonalities and differences of the South Broward district cities and municipalities from the government level and business level.

Graduation: Friday, June 19th , 2015 -6pm to 8:00 pm